Illicium Whippets

Melbourne Victoria Australia

                                       3rd March, 2010 - The puppies are here!

Our beautiful Lily "Aust Ch Illicium Chimay Grande" has whelped a beautiful litter of 8 puppies (5 dogs & 3 bitches) to Aust & Eng Ch Nevedith Kfa Kraka JW.

To read more about this litter and to view their impressive pedigree please click here

Three Peas In A Pod

from left to right Tyra, Travis & Tyler

Latest Puppy Pics


        The Super Model Litter at 22 days (scroll down to find out their names)


Pictured at 17 days - The Super Model Litter - we thought it only fitting since Lily has been such a super, model mother.

The Boys

from left to right
 Jake, Tyler, Ryan, Max & Travis

The Girls

from left to right
Naomi, Tyra & Elle

and a family shot too!

First pictures (don't forget to check back regularly for updates)

Pictured below is a radiant Lily 22 days before whelping